The first step you’ll want to take in getting your motorcycle license in the state of Georgia is to get a copy of the Georgia motorcycle manual.  This handbook is a great first step to acquire the knowledge needed to prepare for the motorcycle written test.

Preparing With the GA Motorcycle Manual

While the Georgia motorcycle manual is a great resource to help you prepare for the exam, it’s not a perfect solution.  Practice tests are the perfect complement to the handbook.  Our Georgia motorcycle permit practice test contain questions similar to what you’ll find on the real exam.  While not exactly the same, the practice questions cover some of the same subjects.  So just what are you waiting for?  The sooner you start preparing, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of the open road!

Topics Covered in the Manual

A publication of the Georgia Department of Drivers Services (DDS), the Georgia Motorcycle Manual has the following topics and more:

  • Steps to acquire a license
  • Pre-ride checklist
  • Correct lane positioning techniques
  •  Maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles
  • Tips on how to avoid collisions
  • Riding in groups
  • Proper equipment
  • Maintenance tips
  • Carrying passengers and cargo
  • Road dangers you need to be aware of – hills, animals, road debris
  • Special situations