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Georgia DDS Learner's Permit FAQ

  • When can I apply for a permit in Georgia?

    You can apply for a Learner’s Permit in Georgia when you are 15 years old.

  • What are the requirements to get a learners permit?

    To receive a Learner’s Permit in Georgia you must pass a written knowledge test and a vision test and you must present a signed parental consent form and a signed school attendance form.

  • How many questions are on the permit test?

    In all, there are 40 questions on Georgia’s written knowledge test. The questions are split into two groups of 20.

  • How many questions must I answer correctly to pass?

    You must answer at least 30 questions – 15 in each group – correctly to pass the test.

  • What steps should I take to prepare for the test?

    Studying for the test is vital to ensuring you are able to receive your Learner’s Permit as fast as possible. Studies show that one of the best ways to study for the test is to take multiple online practice exams that provide real sample questions from the exam. Click on the link to take a Georgia practice permit test and test your driving knowledge.

  • What percentage of people fail the permit test?

    The latest statistics say that an average of seven out of every 10 first-time test takers fail the test. In some states, if you fail the exam, you must wait at least a day to retake the exam. You also must pay a re-examination fee. To better your chances of passing, take multiple practice exams that have been designed to closely replicate the actual test, like those found here.

  • How much does the permit test cost?

    There is a $10 license fee.

  • Where do I take the permit test?

    The agency in charge of licensing drivers in the state of Georgia is the Department of Driver Services (DDS). To find an office location near you, visit

  • What documents should I bring on test day?

    You’ll need to visit the local DDS office with a parent or guardian. You should be sure to bring with you a certified birth certificate, you Social Security card, a certificate of school attendance and the $10 license fee. Once at the office, you’ll need to pass a written knowledge test and a vision test in order to receive your Learner’s Permit.

The Georgia DDS Permit Test — What You Need to Know

Freedom, independence, and the open road could all be yours. The only thing standing between you and the driver’s seat is your learners permit.

In order to receive your permit, Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) requires all permit applicants to get a passing score on the written permit test. You’ll be tested on the rules of the road, Georgia traffic laws, and a variety of road signs.

Ace Your Permit Test With GA DDS Practice Permit Tests

The vast majority of people don’t properly prepare for the permit test. And, as a result, a lot of people fail.  In fact, statistics reveal that roughly 70% fail the test every year!

Don’t worry though, you’ll find help here.

Our goal is to help you effectively prepare for the exam. To boost your chances of passing the test, you’ll find that we’ve pulled together some amazing study tools. You’ll find our interactive Georgia practice permit tests as well as the official Georgia Driver’s Manual. Need a motorcycle permit or endorsement?  You’ll find resources here to help you tackle that test too.

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