With approximately 141,000 miles of roads between cities, towns, and waterways, there is no shortage of things for drivers to do, see, or experience in the great state of Kansas. Before you can explore all that the state of Kansas has to offer, you’ll need to get your learners permit or drivers license. All residents of the state of Kansas looking to become licensed drivers must first pass the Kansas written drivers test.

Historically the written test has posed quite a challenge to test takers with roughly 50% of applicants failing. To ensure that you don’t become a statistic it’s important that you become familiar with the information found in the official Kansas Drivers Handbook .

Preparing With the KS Drivers Handbook

Once you start taking the Kansas permit test, you immediately know if you studied sufficiently or not. But then, it’s too late. Fortunately for you, we offer our comprehensive Kansas practice permit test designed to simulate the actual Kansas written test. Do well on our practice tests, and you’ll likely pass the official test.  Start preparing for the Kansas written test by thoroughly studying the Kansas Drivers Manual . Then use our helpful practice tests to ensure you are ready to pass your test and get behind the wheel.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Kansas Driver’s Handbook is published by the Kansas Driver’s License Examining Bureau and covers the following topics.

  • Your Driver License – classes, requirements, fees, restrictions
  • Driver Examination – vision screening, written test, driving test
  • Rules of the Road – speed limits, passing, turns, parking, right of way, pedestrians
  • Signs, Signals and Markings – highway signs, shapes, regulatory signs, warning signs
  • Interstate – entering and leaving interstate, speed, following, passing
  • Sharing the Road – large trucks, motorcycles