Getting your learners permit or driver’s license in the state of Maine means passing the required state written knowledge test.  Preparing for the test begins with reviewing the information found in the official Maine Driver’s Handbook. The handbook is designed to help you become familiar with the rules of the road, important traffic laws, and common road signs you’ll experience once you are behind the wheel.

Preparing With the ME Drivers Handbook

While the driver’s handbook is an essential resource, it’s not a complete solution.  Preparing for the test also requires that you to test your knowledge of the information found in the handbook.  Our Maine practice permit test is designed to cover the same state-specific topics found on the official exam so you won’t face any surprises on test day.

So what are you waiting for?  Prepare now using both the handbook and practice tests and before you know it you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the freedom that only a driver’s license can bring.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Maine Driver’s Handbook is published by the Maine Department of Motor Vehicle Services and covers the following topics.

  • License Requirements – fee schedule, how to apply, examinations
  • Signs, Signals and Markers – prohibitive signs, regulatory signs, warning signs
  • Rules of the Road – speed, lanes, yielding, passing, stopping
  • Defensive Driving – intersections, driver’s view, communication, freeway driving
  • Sharing the Road – pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, RVs, trucks and buses
  • Driver Safety – alcohol, crashes, traffic violations