Looking to get your learners permit or drivers license in the great state of Missouri? Well, be prepared to first become familiar with the information found in the official Missouri Driver Handbook . All applicants looking to become licensed drivers in the Show Me State must first pass the state’s written drivers test and the handbook is your first step towards preparing to ace the exam.

Preparing With the MO Drivers Handbook

Preparing for the exam starts with the handbook but you will need to test your mastery of the material and that means taking a practice test. Our Missouri practice permit test offers state-specific questions that are designed to simulate the test questions you will find on the official test.  Start preparing for the written test by thoroughly studying the Missouri Drivers Manual . Then use our helpful practice tests to ensure you are ready to pass your test and get behind the wheel.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Missouri Drivers Manual is published by the Missouri Department of Revenue and covers the following topics.

  • Driver’s License – requirements, graduated license, restrictions
  • Driver Examination – written test, vision screening, road sign test, driving test
  • Signals and Signs – regulatory and warning signs, railroad crossing, pavement markings
  • Rules of the Road – right of way, passing, u-turns, two-way and one-way streets
  • Parking – parking on hills, parallel parking, no parking
  • Highway Driving – speed, passing, stopping, entering and exiting
  • Safe Driving Tips – night driving, weather, skidding, emergencies