Don’t worry we have you covered!  The state’s 42-page motorcycle handbook is packed with essential information on how to safely operate a motorcycle in the state.   Inside you’ll also find plenty of material geared towards to the new rider looking to prepare for the state required motorcycle written test and get their license.

Preparing With the MT Motorcycle Manual

While the handbook is an important study tool, it has its limitations.  You will want to test your knowledge of the information found in the handbook and the only way to do that is through the use of practice tests.  Fortunately, our expert instructors have developed a series of questions and answers specific to Montana.  Our Montana Motorcycle Practice Tests is designed to simulate the real exam by covering the same subjects so you leave the testing office with license in hand!

So what are you waiting for?  Get started now and soon you too will be exploring the roads of the Big Sky Country state!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Montana Motorcycle Handbook is published by the state of Montana in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and covers the following material:

  • Motorcycle licensing process
  • Alcohol and the dangers of riding
  • Proper clothing for maintaining visibility
  • Correct body positioning
  • How to avoid crashes
  • Identify and fixing common mechanical problems
  • Riding in groups