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Nevada DMV Learner's Permit FAQ

  • When can I apply for a permit in Nevada?

    At age 15½ you can begin the application process for a Learner’s Permit.

  • What are the requirements to get a learners permit?

    To receive your Nevada Learner’s Permit, you will need to provide proof of identity, age and residency and you will need to pass both vision and written knowledge tests. You will also need to have a parent or guardian sign your application’s financial responsibility section.

  • How many questions are on the permit test?

    The Nevada permit test has 50 multiple choice questions.

  • How many questions must I answer correctly to pass?

    At least 40 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass.

  • What steps should I take to prepare for the test?

    To ensure you receive your Learner’s Permit as quickly as possible you’ll need to study for the test. Become familiar with the information in the Nevada drivers handbook then test your knowledge with our Nevada practice permit tests.

  • What percentage of people fail the permit test?

    The latest statistics say that around 50% of first-time test takers fail to pass the test. Also, if you fail many states require you to wait at least a day to retake the test and they may charge you a re-examination fee. To increase your chances of passing the first time, don’t forget to take multiple practice exams that are designed to closely replicate the actual test.

  • How much does the permit test cost?

    The DMV charges a $25 testing fee and $22.25 licensing fee.

  • Where do I take the permit test?

    The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licenses drivers in the state. Visit http://www.dmvnv.com/nvdl.htm to find an office near you.

  • What documents should I bring on test day?

    You will need to be accompanied to the local DMV office by a parent or guardian. This is important because the parent or guardian will need to sign the financial responsibility section of your Learner’s Permit application.

    Also, don’t forget to bring proof of identity, age and residency. Once you’ve taken care of the administrative details, you will then need to pass the permit test and the vision test to receive your Learner’s Permit.

The Nevada DMV Permit Test — What You Need to Know

Does the process of getting your Nevada learner’s permit leave you feeling a bit lost?  Not to worry, we’ve worked hard to help make getting your learners permit a quick and simple process.  A learner’s permit is an important milestone towards your full driver’s license. A permit represents your first real taste of freedom and independence.   But before you can enjoy your new-found freedom and hit the road, the Nevada DMV requires you to pass the permit test.

The NV DMV requires that all learner’s permit applicants first pass a written knowledge test. More commonly known as the permit test, this multiple choice test contains 50 questions and covers important rules of the road, Nevada motor vehicle laws, road signs, and safe driving rules.  You will need to answer at least 80%  of the questions correctly to pass.

Prepare the Smart Way with NV DMV Practice Permit Tests

Too many people unfortunately assume they don’t need to prepare for the test.  These are the same people who end up leaving the Nevada DMV office empty-handed.  In fact, statistics report that over half of all applicants fail the exam every year!

We don’t want to see you join that unlucky group, so we’ve put together a powerful collection of study materials designed to help you begin preparing for the Nevada permit test and give you the best possible chance for success.

Our free Nevada practice permit test is an invaluable test prep tool. Our interactive practice tests have been designed to help you become familiar with the format of the real test while testing your knowledge of the Nevada Driver’s Handbook.  Each practice test question includes valuable feedback while introducing you to the same multiple-choice format found on the actual test.

Start preparing now!