Whether you are getting a learners permit or a drivers license you know just how important being a licensed driver is to your future. All residents of Texas looking to become licensed drivers must first pass the state’s written knowledge exam. To begin preparing for the exam, it’s important to become familiar with the information in the official Texas drivers handbook .

Preparing With the TX Drivers Handbook

While the handbook is an essential first step in preparing for the test, at some point you will need to determine if you’ve really mastered the material. Our Texas practice permit test is an excellent way to determine your level of knowledge.  While not exactly the same, our practice tests do a great job of not only helping you get a better feel for some of the same material.  The practice test also uses the same multiple-choice test format as the real exam helping you further reduce any anxiety on test day.  By using the handbook along with the practice tests available on this site you will have a distinct advantage on the day of your test.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The handbook was created to help residents become familiar with rules of the road and learn how to become safer drivers. The Texas Drivers Handbook is published by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and covers the following topics.

  • Inspections and Registration – required equipment, optional equipment, registration
  • Right of Way – intersections, railroad crossings, emergency vehicles, pedestrians
  • Signals, Signs and Markers – traffic signs, colors and shapes, warning signs
  • Signaling, Turning and Passing – right turn, left turn, passing
  • Stopping and Parking – standing, disabled parking, unattended vehicle
  • Speed – speed limits
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – what to do, aiding the injured