Texas is an entire country all in one state, and it was the only state that was at one time an independent republic.  You won’t find a more inviting place in the nation for riding with the Hill Country in the center of the state, piney woods to the east, long stretches of unexplored beaches to the southeast, and the Big Bend Mountains in the far western region.  Before you can explore all that Texas has to offer riders, you will need to prepare for the state required written test and get your license.

A good first step on the journey towards preparing for exam begins with the official Texas Motorcycle Handbook .  This handbook contains essential information you need to know about the laws concerning two and three-wheeled vehicles and is designed to help you develop the knowledge needed to ride in the safest possible manner.

Preparing With the TX Motorcycle Manual

But do keep in mind the manual is only a guide and should be used in tandem with practice tests.  Our Texas motorcycle permit practice test is a perfect complement to the motorcycle manual by testing your knowledge of the material.  We have the most up to date study material available so why wait even another minute when you can get started today!

Topics Covered in the Manual

 The Texas Motorcycle Operator’s Manual is a publication of the Texas Department of Transportation and it contains the following topics:

  • Licensing procedures for motorcycles
  • Proper gear and equipment
  • How to prepare for a ride
  • Vehicle control – turning, braking, shifting gears, posture
  • Using your mirrors and head checks
  • State law regarding distance between vehicles
  • Dangers to avoid and be aware of
  • Passengers and cargo
  • Maintenance