FREE Utah DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3 2021 | UT

Take our Utah Motorcycle Practice Test Three to see if you really have the knowledge you need to pass the state motorcycle written test. Our experts have written 25 questions and formatted this practice test like the real thing to help you prepare.  The questions on this practice test come from the Utah Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and cover a variety of subjects you need to know to pass the official exam. To further help you pass the real test, our experts have also formatted this practice test like the official exam that you will take at the Utah DMV.

The test also comes with several bonus features, such as a progress tracker and instant feedback. Take this practice test now to discover:

  • What the official test is like
  • How much you really know about safe motorcycle operation
  • How to pace yourself through the test
  • How you would do if you took the official test now
  • What subject areas you are strong in and what areas you are weak in
  • What types of questions to expect on the real test
  • And more

Here are two examples of questions you may find on this practice test: what should you always do if you are using an unfamiliar motorcycle? What is the best technique to use when proceeding through a turn?

The test is filled with questions on a variety of subjects to ensure you have the wide base of knowledge you need to pass the official exam.

Passing the official exam and earning your license will allow you to take some of the scenic rides that are available in Utah.

For example, there is the Mt. Nebo Loop Road Run. This ride takes you on I-15, County Road 115, E-100 N and S-600 E, which becomes W Canyon Road, before depositing you onto Nebo Loop Road, which is where the real fun begins.

On Nebo Loop, you’ll encounter plenty of switchbacks, steep climbs and fast descents. While your riding skills are challenged you’ll be viewing incredible scenery that includes Mt. Nebo the tallest point in Utah along with aspen groves, pine forests, trout streams and much more.

Take our practice test now to improve your motorcycle knowledge.

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