FREE Wisconsin DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2 2021 | WI

To make the state written exam less difficult and less stressful take our Wisconsin Motorcycle Practice Test 2 now. This practice test is as close to the real thing as possible – featuring similar questions and a similar format.

You will be given 25 expertly written, multiple-choice questions that come from the Wisconsin Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. You must answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to pass. We have also formatted this test like the official exam that you will take at the Wisconsin DMV.

After finishing this challenging practice test you will have a much better sense of:

  • What to expect on the official test
  • The difficulty of the questions you will need to answer
  • How to best proceed through the real test
  • What subjects to focus your studies on to best prepare for the real test
  • How you would do if you took the official exam today
  • And much more

As a bonus, we have also added several extra features to this test to help you study, including a progress tracker, personalized score reports and unlimited test attempts.

The questions cover safe motorcycle operation, including such things as group riding, motorcycle maintenance, pre-ride safety checks, entering an intersection and more.

Here are two sample questions that could be on the test: you should sit on a motorcycle so that with your hands on the hand grips your arms are what? When should you increase your following distance behind a vehicle?

When you are able to get a passing score on this practice test you may be ready to take the official exam and receive your license. Having your license will allow you to go on scenic rides in Wisconsin – like the Kickapoo River Valley ride.

This ride takes you over the Kickapoo River at least 12 times as you make your way through dense forests and picturesque valleys. You’ll also see an Amish school and farms as well as a cheese factory and more.

Take our practice test now to determine your readiness for the state written test.

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