Free Kansas Practice Permit Test Two 2021 | KS

Get rolling down the road as soon as possible by taking our Kansas Practice Permit Test. Study the Kansas Driving Handbook and gain confidence for the written portion of the drivers’ exam with our free exam. You’ll practice the same type of questions as on the official state exam so you’ll exactly what to expect when you get to your local drivers’ license station.

Immediate Feedback

The practice test includes 40 questions multiple choice questions and you will need to answer 80 percent correctly in order to pass. If you don’t do so well the first time, rest assured we’ll help you improve. You’ll get instant feedback on your performance so you know which areas you will need to brush up on.

Unlimited Attempts

Take the test as many times as you like – we’re here to help you improve. And since the test is randomized, you’ll get new questions each and every time you take the test.

Track Your Performance 

Use progress tracker to see how you’re doing. You’ll gain confidence knowing you’re getting better each and every time you practice the written exam.

Kansas Specific Questions

Questions written specifically for Kansas means you’re practicing with relevant information to your state.  We want to ensure that you are truly prepared for the KS permit test.

Score Sharing

Don’t become your groups designated driver! Encourage your friends to practice too so they can get their learners’ permit. Share your score by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter button. Challenge your friends to a little friendly competition and see if they can beat your score.

Don’t wait! Start preparing for the written drivers’ license exam so you can hit the open road!

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