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When it comes to preparing for your Oklahoma learner’s permit test there is one place to start and one place to finish – and they are both right here. Taking and passing our new Oklahoma Practice Permit Test #4, the fourth in our series of Oklahoma practice permit tests, will ensure you build both the knowledge and the confidence you need to earn your learner’s permit the first time you sit for the test at the Oklahoma DPS.

OK DPS Practice Permit Test Details

Why is our test so good? For starters it contains questions based on the Oklahoma drivers handbook. But that’s not all, each question was written by an expert who studied that handbook extensively and carefully crafted questions that will challenge your understanding of Oklahoma’s rules of the road and will ensure you are ready to pass the real test. In fact, many past students have told us that after taking our Oklahoma Practice Permit Test the real test was a breeze! Wouldn’t that be great? To be able to walk in and take your real learner’s permit test and find it to be easy instead of a stress-inducing nightmare? Well, it’s possible when you prepare with our OK Practice Permit Test. Plus, we have also included a number of special features to make your study time even more fun and effective. For example, this test includes such features as:

  • Instant answer notification – You will know immediately if an answer that you have given is right or wrong. In addition, when you have answered a question incorrectly, the test will inform you of the right answer and also explain why that is the right answer.
  • Test Statistics – The test comes with a full tracking system that keeps tabs on how many questions you have answered correctly and incorrectly and how many questions are left on the test.
  • Access to New Versions of the Test – You can take this test as many times as you like and each time that you do retake it, the questions will be rearranged to create a new version of the test for you.
  • Question and Answer Review – When you have finished taking the test, you can use this feature to go back and read and review the questions and answers to further ensure that you understand all of the essential content covered on the test.

Combine these features with several Oklahoma-specific test questions and there simply is no better way to ensure you are prepared to earn your learner’s permit the first time you sit for the exam.

Remember, you can take this test as many times as you like so don’t worry if you fail the first time. You will have plenty of time to retake the test and build your knowledge of “the Sooner State’s” rules of the road and gain the confidence you’ll need to walk into the Oklahoma Tax Commission – Motor Vehicle Information office and pass on your first attempt. Simply proceed to the questions below to get started taking our Oklahoma Practice Permit Test.

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Get Detailed Feedback
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Oklahoma Permit Practice Test Overview:
50Total number of questions
40Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
Oklahoma DPS Manual 2024

The Oklahoma Drivers Manual is a powerful study tool to help you begin preparing for the Oklahoma permit or license test. Get your FREE copy here!


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