Free Vermont DMV Practice Permit Test Two 2021 | VT

After years in the backseat, it’s finally time to get behind the wheel. Before you try to tackle the official permit exam, get ready with our Vermont Practice Permit Test.  For the second in our series of state practice tests, we’ve put together 40 new questions, designed to boost your knowledge and help you feel confident on the big day. Just score at least 80% on these multiple-choice questions, all based on the Vermont Driver’s Manual, and get ready to sit in the driver’s seat.

Instant Feedback

Perhaps the best part of our tests is the instant feedback you receive. Correct answers are highlighted in green, while red means you missed one. Plus, you will see a brief explanation of the right answer so that getting it right will be a breeze the next time around.

Performance Tracker

Waiting to the end of the exam to see your score just makes the test more stressful. Our practice tests feature an easy-to-read score tracker that lets you see how you are doing at all times.

Unlimited Attempts

A little extra practice ever hurt anyone. Every time you take our practice tests the questions are randomized to create a whole new experience. Take the tests as many times as you like until you feel ready for the real thing.

Vermont Specific Questions

No two states are alike, especially when it comes to traffic laws. Our tests include questions specifically designed for Vermont, so you have the most relevant study materials.

Score Sharing

Studying is always more fun with your friends. Get your Facebook friends and Twitter followers in on the game by using our social media buttons at the end of your test. You can show off your score and challenge them to beat it.

Our practice tests are the next step toward getting your permit. Start now!

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