This test is based on the official 2024 CDL Manual FREE Washington DOL Motorcycle Practice Permit Test Four 2024 | WA

Washington Motorcycle Practice Test 4 is filled with questions that will prepare you for the content of the real written exam so that you can earn your license faster and start riding your motorcycle on the scenic roadways of Washington. The test also is formatted like the real test to further help you prepare.  The test’s 25 multiple choice questions come from the Washington Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. Each question will have four possible answers and you will need to select the correct one. You need to answer at least 20 of the questions correctly in order to pass. If you do pass that may be a good indication that you ready to take the official exam at the Washington DOL.

We believe that you are going to find this test to be a highly effective review tool. It:

  • Allows you to quickly learn about basic vehicle control, motorcycle safety and how to operate a motorcycle
  • Allows you to study when and where you want
  • Allows you to study the content of the test as many times as you’d like
  • Allows you to have fun while you study

You may find that you don’t know as much about safe motorcycle operation as you thought you did when you take this challenging practice test. You will need to know answers to questions like these in order to pass:

You can become dehydrated in hot weather wearing what safety gear? On most motorcycles where is the high/low beam switch for the headlight?

You may also find questions on turning, swerving, riding on dangerous surfaces, entering and intersection and more.

This test will prepare you to earn your license and start riding in Washington, which is home to many great motorcycle rides.

One great ride is the Mt. Rainier Ramble which is almost perfect to motorcycles as it includes plenty of twisties and long climbs where you can really feel the power of your motorcycle. You’ll also enjoy mountain views and you’ll see numerous breath-taking waterfalls, rivers, lakes and canyons.

To take this ride and others in Washington, you need your license. Take our practice test to get prepared to pass the state test.

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Get Detailed Feedback
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Washington Motorcycle Practice Test Overview:
25Total number of questions
20Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
Washington DOL Motorcycle Manual 2024

The Washington motorcycle manual is a powerful study aid to help you begin preparing for the Washington motorcycle license test. Get your free copy here!


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