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You can spend your time wondering what the Louisiana motorcycle written test will be like or you can take our Louisiana Motorcycle Practice Test 2 and find out. This practice test features questions and a format similar to the real test.  Start with 25 multiple-choice questions taken from the Louisiana Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. Add to that a format that is just like the real written test, and you get the ultimate test preparation tool. Take this test as many times as necessary to learn the content and you’ll be able to walk into the Office of Motor Vehicles confident that you are going to pass.

This practice test is:

  • Convenient – you can take in on a pc, smartphone or tablet
  • Informative – questions are written by experts who carefully studied the motorcycle manual
  • Easy-to-use – a progress tracker will let you know how you are doing and personalized score reports will let you know what you need to study
  • And much more

What About the Practice Test Questions

Just like on the real test, this practice test contains no “trick questions.” Instead you’ll find challenging questions on information you need to know to safely operate a motorcycle.

Topics covered on the test include: riding on slippery surfaces, stopping distances, alcohol and motorcycles, safety gear and more.

Here are a couple of sample questions that you could find on the test: How should you approach a blind intersection? How should you position your motorcycle in your land when passing parked cars?

Take this practice test now to prepare to pass the real test and earn your license. Once you have your license, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the scenic roads Louisiana has to offer motorcyclists.

Take for instance, the Route 552 Loop, which is a winding, curving road through hills and pine forests near the beautiful D’Arbonne National Refuge & National Wildlife area. Or how about South Lakeshore Drive, which is another winding country road that passes lots of streams, trees and farmland, just north of Shreveport.

Get started.

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