FREE Nebraska DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3 2021 | NE

The Nebraska Motorcycle Practice Test Three features both content and a format that are similar to the official Nebraska exam. Taking and passing this test will help you build the knowledge level and confidence you need to pass the official exam and earn your license.  The NE Motorcycle Practice Test challenges you with 25 multiple choice questions from the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, You need to answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to receive a passing score – just like on the real test that you will take at the Nebraska DMV.

This test is:

  • Educational – it is formatted like the official exam and features questions from the same motorcycle manual
  • Convenient – this test is mobile friendly so you can even take it on your phone
  • Informative – thanks to the instant feedback feature you get the right answers to any questions you answer incorrectly
  • Unlimited – you can take the test as many times as necessary to learn the content

What Types of Questions Are Included on the Test

You will find a variety of questions on a variety of important subjects, such as group riding, riding in bad weather, riding on dangerous surfaces, riding with passengers, stopping quickly and more.

What is the best protection you can give yourself when riding in traffic with other vehicles? Doing what assertively will help minimize or eliminate risk when you ride? You’ll find answers to questions like these on the test.

Get started now to test your motorcycle knowledge. This test is a terrific tool to use to determine if you are ready to take the official exam, earn your license and start cruising Nebraska’s scenic roadways – like the Schramm State Park Run which takes you away from city life on some twisting, turning roads that showcase views of the Platte River, boaters on the river and beautiful foliage in the fall.

Another exciting ride in Nebraska is the Sandhills Loop which features at some points sandhills as far as the eye can see.

Take our practice test to see if you are ready to earn your license and start seeing all that Nebraska has to offer.

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