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Our practice tests include unlimited attempts. We also randomize the questions so it's like taking a new test every time.

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Our study material is 100% online. Study at your own pace according to your schedule.

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Practice Permit Tests: What You Need to Know

Getting your learners permit is an exciting moment and is considered a rite of passage for most.  But, before you can experience the freedom and independence that comes with being a licensed driver, you will need to pass your state’s permit test.  With statistics revealing that over 70% of people fail every year, the permit test has proven to be quite a challenge for the unprepared. Why just “wing it” when you can prepare with practice permit tests.  Give yourself the best possible chance for success with!

Similar to the the Real Test

Our practice permit tests were created to simulate the format and style of the real test.  We use the same multiple-choice question format and cover some of the same topics found on the official exams.

Created by Experienced Instructors

All of our practice permit tests were designed by experienced instructors who have successfully taught thousands of students. We know what works!

The Sooner You Pass, the Sooner You Can Get Behind the Wheel!

Practice Permit Tests Practice Permit Tests

Under 18 and need to get your learners permit or learners license? All 50 states require you to pass the written test before you get your permit. Start preparing now!.

Driver's License Practice Tests

Over 18 and applying for your first drivers license? Moving to a new state? You will need to pass the state required written test first. Start preparing now!

Motorcycle License Practice Tests

Looking to get your motorcycle license? Every state requires additional certifications for motorcycle riders including passing the written test. Start preparing now!

Pass your permit test now with practice permit tests!

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“Breezed through my permit test while I saw everyone else struggling. Thanks! ”
Dustin - Fullerton, CA
“Took my test today and PASSED my test on the first try! Can’t thank you enough. ”
Nicolette G. - Arlington, TX
“Luv this site!!! Many of the practice test questions were just like the real exam.”
Jenn C. - Scottsdale, AZ